The Ten Drawer Cabinet can organize over a hundred pieces of jewelry. Behind the key lock doors are ten drawers that can be customized with unique organization of dividers to fit your collection.
This photo shows how the door opens to lay flat against the cabinet's side. It gives access to five of the drawers. Please note the small brass lever on the inside edge of the left hand door. It is a spring operated lever that pins the door to the top of the cabinet, securing the left hand door. The right hand door has the key lock that latches to the left hand door.
Photo showing the cabinet with both doors open and flat against the sides of the cabinet. It has a simple and elegant look and function that requires hours of precision fitting.
Photo showing the machine cut dovetails on the side of the drawer front and drawer side. It also shows how the drawer can be organized with dividers. The drawer has a black velvet liner.
Another photo of the drawer corner dovetails and dividers.

Ten Drawer Cabinet

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A smaller cabinet with ten drawers locked behind two solid doors. This one is made from Birdseye Maple. They can be made in a selection of other woods.

The cabinet's dimensions are eight inches (20.3 cm) tall, twenty inches (50.8 cm) side to side, and fourteen inches ( 35.6 cm) front to back.

The useable height inside the drawers is about one inch (2.5 cm) for the upper drawers and one and one-half inches (3.8 cm) for the lower drawers. The size of the drawers can be adjusted to meet the needs of the buyer.

The height of the drawers can be adjusted based on certain increments to accommodate the layout of the corner dovetails. I can explain this if you need more information or have specific drawer dimension goals. The important point is that the cabinet can be customized to work with the dimensions of your room and your collection.

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