Collection: Custom Work

The Custom Work collection are the projects David has made that required special design, building, delivery and installation. They are different from the products in they are one of a kind efforts for specific customers.

Custom Design Process

Initial Conversation

Custom design projects start with reaching out to me with an inquiry about an idea for a custom project. Most inquiries are done through email, but in-person meetings and text messages are also common.

During the initial conversation I take notes and gather data using questionnaires. I use questionnaires to be consistent and improve the customer’s overall experience.  The questionnaires are short and help me avoid wasting the customers time as the project moves forward.

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Formal Agreement

At some point the conversation develops to the point where a formal agreement is needed to outline the responsibilities and the scope of the work. I believe in doing as much in writing as possible. I make a draft agreement that will include design time and drawings as well as the price to build the work. Delivery, or shipping if the project is too far to deliver myself, and installation, is included in the agreement. The agreement also offers the price, time frame, and detailed description of the project

Design Documents

After the agreement is signed and a deposit received I prepare detailed design documents using a mix of hand drawings, digital images, photos and material lists. Larger design projects involving one or more rooms have more documentation than a single piece of furniture. Floor plans and other drawings are used to illustrate the details of the design. I use SketchUp and Layout software programs and Excel spreadsheets to present much of the information.

Getting to Work

The design drawings go through one or more revisions, decisions are made and work begins!